Sample Template for Your MySpace About Me Section

This article gives you a fill-in-the-blanks template for writing your MySpace About Me section. Keep it fairly short and make sure you use short paragraphs to make it easier for people to read.

Not sure how to make a paragraph break on your MySpace About Me page? Yeah, it can be a little tricky until you know how. We explain how to make a paragraph in your Myspace About Me section here.

MySpace About Me template

I’m a _________, ________ and _________ (list three things that describe you, e.g. small business owner, writer, cat lover, devoted father) from __________ (list the general area you live in, e.g. country, state or city, but don’t ever give your address). I’m here writing my Myspace About Me section because ____________ (your reason for signing up on MySpace).

The things I love most in life are ______, _________ and ________ (list your favorite things, e.g. hanging with friends, scrapbooking, photography, cycling, family, my kids). I’ve been ___________ (one of your hobbies) for ____ years, and I really love it.

On week days you’ll usually find me ____________ (something that describes you at work or school, e.g. working as a landscaper, pretending to pay attention in school, looking after my kids, at the library, teaching kindergarten kids). On the weekends I like to ________ and ________.

My idea of the perfect day would start with _________. And then I’d _______. Later I’d __________. And I’d top it all off by ________.

The kinds of people I enjoy the most are ones who are ________ and ________. That’s important to me because __________.

My dreams for the future are ________, _________ and _________. So what am I doing to achieve those dreams? Well, how about ____________, for starters. And also, ______________. One thing I need to do more of is ___________.

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