Writing Template for Coaching Program

Here is a writing template that you can use to describe a coaching program. Start with an eye-catching headline, then describe the program, provide a schedule and other details, and finish off with a strong call to action such as “Register Now!” If potential participants don’t know you, include a short professional bio at the end.

(Choose one headline)

How would you feel if you _________ (accomplishment) by ______ ? (timeframe)

What’s the one thing that would ___________ in the next ___ days?

What _______challenge do you want to handle once and for all?

What are you tired of hearing yourself complain about?

(Describe the program)

____________ (program name) is an action-oriented, ____week _____ (practicum/program/group) that will shift your _________ efforts into high gear.  As a result of this challenge, you will:

•  Learn the ________ (fundamentals/secrets/nuances) of ___________

•  Develop a _______ (adjective: high-impact/compelling/successful) ______ (end result: could be a product, plan, personalized or customized anything is good too)

•  Collaborate in an environment of constructive feedback and inspirational support

How It Works: When you sign on to this program, you commit yourself to ___________.  In return, you receive a combination of _________(specify type of training) and coaching to help achieve your goal.  It is this combination of guidance, plus your commitment to take action that will insure your success.

Note:  All sessions begin at ___ Eastern

(Provide a schedule and outline)

(The following is a sample only – modify it to meet the specifics of your program)

Week 1

Session 1


Session 2




1-1/2 hr.


30 min.

Explore all the steps of product development…(e.g., how to choose a topic… format…structure, develop content, refine your product and price it).

Check in with topic, format, questions

Week 2

Session 3


Session 4




45 min.


45 min.

Check in with program objectives, structure, rough outline, questions


Check in with tight outline, issues, questions

Week 3


Session 5



45 min.

Check in with solid draft, questions

Week 4

Session 6


1 hour

Check in with final product, price; recap learning and takeaways


Benefits: You have the support of an experienced coach … the energy of the challenge team …and you are working in an environment of accountability which always leads you forward. These benefits, plus the level of intention that you bring to completing your goal, makes the difference between _______ (completion/success/concrete results) and continued frustration. And the learning you will gain will bring you the confidence to tackle future ________ (specify type of goal or accomplishment) work on your own.

Details: The cost of this program is $__ for ______, and $__ for all others.  Group size will be limited to ___ individuals.

Register Here (insert hyperlink)

Leader: insert your bio or model one on the para below.  Tailor it to the needs of the target participants.


___________’s (leader’s name) __  year ________ (insert professional field) background and experience helping __________ (say who you work with to do what – should relate to the specifics of the challenge) uniquely qualifies ___ (her/him) to help you achieve the results you want in this critical aspect of _________ (specify what: e.g. building your coaching practice/designing your environment for success).   ______ (leader name) has ___________and has taught numerous _____ teams the fine distinctions between ________ and successful _________.   __ (She/He) has extensive knowledge of a variety of ______  formats/tools available to _______ and is eager to share ___ (her/his) knowledge and experience with you.

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